Event Organiser Docs is primarily intended for users, however it also contains references and code snippets appropriate for developers. The guides range from setting up and using the plug-in, to customising how events appear on your site, and integrating with your theme.

Features in the free version

For the user

  • Create one-time events or reoccuring events.
  • Allows complex reoccuring patterns for events. You can create events that last an arbirtary time, and repeat over a specified period. Supports complex schedules such as On the third Tuesday of every fourth month or Every month on the 16th.
  • Ability to add or remove specific dates to an event
  • Event functions available which extend the post functions (e.g. the_title(),get_the_author(), the_author()) to ouput or return event data (the start date-time, the venue etc).
  • Create venues for your events, with Google maps support and a fully-featured content editor.
  • Widgets:
    • Calendar widget – displays a calendar (identical to the standard WordPress Calendar)
    • Event List widget – displays a list of events, with options to specify the number of events, restrict by categories or venues etc.
    • Event Agenda widget
  • Shortcodes:
    • (full)Calendar, includes optional category & venue filters.
    • Calendar (similar to widget calendar)
    • Event List (similar to Event List widget)
    • Event Agenda (similar to Event Agenda widget)
    • Venue map
    • Subscribe to event feeds
  • Year, month and day archive pages
  • Relative date queries (for example, query events that finished in the last 24 hours, or events starting in the coming week).
  • Assign events to categories and tags, and view events by category or tag.
  • Color-coded event categories.
  • Custom permissions allow to specifiy which roles have the ability to create, edit and delete events or manage venues.
  • Export/import events to and from ICAL files.
  • Public events feed: allow visitors to subscribe to your events, or a particular venue / category.
  • Supports ‘pretty permalinks’ for event pages, event archives, event category and venue pages.

For the developer

  • Usese post types to fit naturally into WordPress and allows for all the functionality of ‘posts’.
  • Respects the template hierarchy. Default templates can be over-ridden by including the appropriately named template files in your theme folder.
  • Plug-in actions and filters are provided to modify the behaviour of the plug-in (see hook reference )
  • Extensive function API & documentation
  • Javascript actions and filters to modify interaction with the calendars and maps
  • Provide custom templates for shortcodes, widgets and iCal feeds
  • Custom metaboxes and meta data support for venues (see tutorial).
  • Minified javascript files are used, with the originals provided for ease of developing
  • Booking add-on available

Pro Features

For a more detailed summary of features of Pro see this page or browse the documentation.

  • Event search
  • Event bookings & RSVP
  • Custom booking forms
  • Download bookings (and booking form entries) to CSV
  • Advanced event & venue queries
  • Meta data support for venues and venue meta-queries.
  • Featured images for venues
  • Customisable e-mails


Various extensions (free and paid) are available, and some are included free when you purchase a Event Organiser Pro Business a licenses. All extensions are included for free when you purchase a Pro Developer license.


You can view a demo of the plug-in here: wp-event-organiser.com/demo/


You can download Event Organiser for free from the WordPress repository. Pro and other extensions can be downloaded from wp-event-organiser.com/extensions/.