Translating Event Organiser

While Event Organiser and its extensions are all ‘translation ready’, the actual translations are provided and maintained by the community. It’s collaborative, so your translation may already be present – in which case you can offer corrections or fill any gaps that were missed.

Translating Event Organiser

To help translate Event Organiser you don’t need to install any software, but instead you can use the free online tool linked below.

Please note that translations submitted using this tool are intended for use by everyone. Please try to provide appropriate translations, and do not use this service to make alterations just for your site.

Site-specific translations

As mentioned above please don’t use the above online tool for site-specific changes. However if you need to make site-specific alterations you can do so without altering the plug-in. Furthermore, these changes will remain even after an update.

To do this you’ll need to install a .po editing software like Poedit.

Once installed you can open the the .pot file in the extension’s languages directory – or open an existing .po file in your language to edit it.

When you have finished translating, the software should have created a .po and .mo file for you. These will be of the form:

  • {translation-domain}-{language-code}.po
  • {translation-domain}-{language-code}.mo

The {translation-domain} should be the name of the .pot file (e.g. eventorganiser, eventorganiserp or eventorganiserfes etc). The language code should be the appropriate code for your language (see reference)

Then place these files in wp-content/languages/{plugin}, e.g:

  • Event Organiser: wp-content/languages/event-organiser
  • Event Organiser Po: wp-content/languages/event-organiser-pro/
  • Event Organiser FES: wp-content/languages/event-organiser-fes/

and they will be used instead of the files stored in the plug-in.