Events User Is Attending

This shortcode displays the events that the logged-in user is attending. By default it displays only future events.

Although the template can be edited to display the events in any format, it is intended to display events in a similar format to the archive/category/venue pages. If you wish to display just a simple ‘list’, an alternative method of displaying events a user is attending is

 [eo_events users_events=true]

However, this too can be edited to display events in any format (see documentation on event list shortcode)


 [events_attending att1="val1" att2="val2"]


All the shortcode attributes supported by [eo_events] (see documentation) are supported here.

The number of booking to display on each page. Use ‘-1’ to display all. Defaults 20
Defaults to “eventstart”
“ASC” or “DESC”. Defaults DESC.
Date in Y-m-d format or relative date. Defaults to “now”


By default the shortcode displays events in similar format to the archive/category/venue pages, you can edit this by moving the template events-user-attending.php to your theme and editing it there. See editing the templates.