Widget Calendar

This page is for the widget Calendar. If you’re looking for a more advanced calendar, see this page.

The widget calendar can also be displayed in pages or posts (or elsewhere) via the shortcode:



The following attributes are available:

  • showpastevents (true|false) – whether to show past events on the calendar
  • event_category (string) – Comma-seperated list the category slugs of the events you wish to appear on the calendar.
  • event_venue (string) – Display a calendar for a specific venue, specified by slug

Altering the appearance

The widget calendar (both as a shortcode and wdiget) is given the class widget_calendar which is the class given to the WordPress’ calendar widget, and so should, by default, be styled similarly. To distinguish it, it is also given the class eo-calendar-shortcode or eo-calendar-widget. These can be used to alter the calendar’s appearance by making changes to the style.css file in your theme directory.