Booking History

This shortcode displays a table of a the logged-in user’s previous bookings.


 [booking_history att1="val1" att2="val2"]


The following shows the booking history shortcode in use on the TwentyTwelve theme. The appearance of the booking history table will depend on your theme’s styling of tables.

Screenshot of the booking history shortcode

The above booking history table has the bookee can cancel option enabled, allowing logged-in bookees to cancel bookings.

Please note that only bookings made by logged-in users (or users who have an account created for them at checkout) can view their booking history.

Redirecting bookees to their “Booking History” page after log-in

This feature is not provided for by Event Organiser Pro, instead we recommend using this free plug-in which provides a log-in widget and shortcode, and allows you to redirect users to a selected page (i.e. the page used for the “Booking History”).


Set to true to allow bookees to cancel their booking. Default false.
The number of booking to display on each page. Use ‘-1’ to display all. Defaults 20
“date”, “id” or “price”. Defaults to “date” (date of booking).
“ASC” or “DESC”. Defaults DESC.


By default the shortcode displays a table containing booking details, you can edit this by moving the template event-booking-history.php to your theme and editing it there. See editing the templates.