Your theme probably has at least a couple of ‘widgetised areas’. These are locations where you can add a widget, including the widget calendar. The widget calendar is a much simplier, and smaller calendar which looks almost identical to your theme’s posts calendar (the default calendar widget). To add the calendar:

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Find the “Events Calendar” widget
  • Click the widget, select the widgetised area and click ‘Add widget’ or drag and drop the widget to the desired location

Widget Options

The widget calendar allows you to configure a number of options:


The widget title that appears above the widget

Past Events

Whether the calendar should display past events or not

Long Events

Unchecked each (occurrence of an) event will be only represented by one date – its start date – on the calendar. Checked, and if the occurrence occurrence runs over more than one day, each will be represented on the calendar.

Link Directly to Events

By default clicking on a date with an event will take you to that date’s events page, listing all the events that are running that day. If, however, you only ever have one event on each date you may prefer to link straight to that event. Checking this option does this. If a date has more than one event on it, then clicking that date will still take you to the date’s events page.

Event Category(ies)

You can specify by a comma-seperated list of category slugs of the events you wish to appear on the calendar. Leave blank to display all events.

Event Venue

This option allows you to display events for a particular venue.