Your theme probably has at least a couple of ‘widgetised areas’. These are locations where you can add a widget, including the agenda widget. The events agenda widget is a navigable list of events which a grouped by day, week or month depending on the settings. When the page loads the nearest upcoming events are displayed and your users can navigate further into the future, and back again. Events in past ‘groups’ (e.g. past days, weeks, or months) are not shown.

The day a week starts on is determined by the ‘Week Starts On’ in Settings > General.

Adding the widget

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Find the “Events Agenda” widget
  • Click the widget, select the widgetised area and click ‘Add widget’ or drag and drop the widget to the desired location

Widget Options

The widget comes with several options:

  • Title – The title of the widget
  • Group by – How to group the events. You can select from ‘day’, ‘week’ and ‘month’.
  • Group date format: The format of the date to act as a heading for each group of events. Formats use php format. The best format to use will depend on the above setting.
    For example you could set this

    • l, jS F – (e.g. Friday, 3rd January) – when grouping events by days
    • week begining jS F – (e.g. week beginning 30th December) – when grouping by weeks
    • F Y – (e.g. January 2014) – when grouping events by month
  • Event date/time format – The format assigned to each event in the group. Formats use php format. Again the best format will depend on the ‘group by’ setting. When grouping by day it makes sense to display only the time and display the date information in the ‘group header’ using the above option. When grouping by week or month you may want to specify just the date

  • Add To Google – When a user clicks on an event it reveals two links: one to take them to the event’s page and the other to add the event to their Google Include. You can disable this by deselecting this option. If deselected a user will be taken straight to the event’s page when they click an event.