Displaying a list of events

There are two ways of displaying a list of events:

  • Using the shortcode [eo_events]
  • Using the event list widget

Both methods allow you to display all events, events by venue or category, or events within some date range (including relative dates, e.g. events which start next week).

By default the event list shortcode and widget is simple list of events, but you can customise the appearance of the list using either ‘template tags’ or, for complete flexibility, a template file. See the links below to the widget or shortcode documentation for details.

Using a shortcode:

Simply create a page on your WordPress site and include the following in the page’s content:


You can include other content around the shortcode if desired.

The eo_events shortcode comes with a vast range of options. Please see documentation for the event list shortcode for more details.

Using the widget:

Go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress admin and add the “Events” widget to the desired ‘widgetised area’. You can then configure the widget’s settings as desired. Please see documentation for the event calendar widget for details on these options.