Ticket Options

Each event can have multiple tickets, and each ticket can have a different price, quantity available and sale period. If you are selling tickets by date (see Booking options page) then you can select the occurrences for which the ticket is availble. This gives you a lot of freedom in how you price tickets, allowing you to sell cheaper ‘early bird’ tickets, or price earlier occurrences of an event different from later occurrences. There is also an optional global limit – this limits the number of tickets that can be sold to the event. See below for details.

Creating a ticket

Tickets for an event are managed on the event’ admin page. Simply scroll to the Event Tickets section to view existing tickets or create new ones.


Each ticket can be configured independently. If you are selling tickets by date you’ll find an additional ‘occurrences’ setting.

Screenshot showing the ticket option fields: ticket name, price, space, dates on sale and dates for which the ticket can be purchased

  • Ticket name – the name of the ticket as it appears on the booking form
  • Price – the price (without currency symbol) leave blank for free
  • Spaces – The number of tickets available. This must be a positive number. 0 does not mean unlimited.
  • Sale period – (Optional) When the tickets come on and off sale. If these are blank tickets will be available for purchase immediately, and until the event starts.
  • Occurrences – If selling tickets ‘by date’ you can sellect which occurrences the ticket is for (by default, all of them). This allows you to create a ticket which can only be purchased for a specfic few occurrences.

A ticket will only appear if there is still availability for it and only during its sale period (if this option is set).

Global limit

By default an event’s capacity limit is the sum of the number of tickets available. However this option allows you to reduce that limit. Using this you can set the ticket spaces such that the total number of tickets is greater than the event’s true capacity, but still not over book. For instance you may have an event with 100 spaces, and tickets ‘Standard’ and ‘Concession’ tickets – both with 100 spaces. This limit means that those 100 spaces could be booked with any of proportion of Standard to Concession tickets without overbooking the event.

If you are booking by date than this limit applies to each occurrence independently.