Booking Form

Displays a booking form for the specified event. If this is used outside of an event’s content then you must supply an ID. Alternatively you can place the booking form for an event, anywhere in event’s content without specifying an ID.

Currently you should only display one booking form per page.


 [event_booking_form event_id=4 ]


  • event_id int Specifies which event to show the booking form for. If you are using this shortcode in the event content you do not need to specify the ID.

Removing the Default Form

By default, Event Organiser appends a booking form to the end of the event’s content (if a booking form is required). If you wish to use this shortcode to display the form elsewhere in the event content, or you otherwise want to remove the default form from the bottom of the event content you can add the following to a utility plug-in or your theme’s functions.php:

add_filter( 'eventorganiser_pro_get_option_disable_automatic_form', '__return_true' );