What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum requirements for this plug-in are slightly more restrictive that other extensions, they are:

  • Event Organiser 2.8.0+
  • WordPress 3.8.0+
  • PHP 5.2+

What fields can I add to the form?

The form comes with some fields pre-added: event start/end, name and e-mail (visible only to logged-out users), and the form button. Other fields that can be added by you in the form customiser, include:

  • Event title
  • Event content
  • Event excerpt
  • Event schedule (for recurring events).
  • Event thumbnail
  • Venue selection
  • Category selection

There are other ‘generic’ elements which you can add, and assign to an event’s custom field (post meta). Then there are ‘advanced’ elements which include anti-spam questions, terms and conditions and ‘hook’ for triggering a WordPress action.

Can I create multiple forms?

Yes, you can create and manage as many forms as you require. Each will have their own settings which you can configure in the form customiser the form’s settings tab.

Can users create venues or categories?

Not currently. This feature is under active development, and shall be added to the plug-in in due course. An update will be made here when that changes.

Can logged-out users submit events?

If you wish to allow them to, yes. You can set this on the form’s settings tab. Otherwise, they’ll be prompted to log-in.

Can users edit submitted events?

Only if you give those users permission to do so via the WordPress admin. Allowing users to edit events from the front-end is currently in development. However only users who are logged-in will be able to edit their events, as otherwise it is not possible to safely authenticate the user.

Can user submit recurring events?

Yes. If you wish to allow users to submit recurring events you’ll need to add the “event schedule” element to the form.