authorize-net is not a default gateway. The extension is included for free with Event Organiser Pro Developer License, but can also be purchased seperately. is an easy way to accept credit card payments for bookings without users ever leaving your site. If you do not have a account you can sign up for one here:


  • Live Switch – This option allows you to enable or disable this gateway, or for the purposes of testing, setting it to ‘Sandbox mode’. If you select sandbox mode you must provide sandbox credentials.
  • Live API Login ID – Your merchant API Login ID
  • Live Transaction Key – Your unique merchant Transaction Key
  • Test API Login ID – A valid ‘sandbox’ API Login ID, used when the gateway is ‘sandbox mode’.
  • Test Transaction Key – A valid ‘sandbox’ transaction key, used when the gateway is ‘sandbox mode’
  • Credit cards – Tick to select which credit cards should be displayed on the checkout form
  • Test mode – This option can be used on Live or Sandbox mode. Its purpose is to allow the merchant to test specific error codes based on the checkout total. See the “Test Transactions” chapter in the the [ Developer guide])

How Do I Get My API credentials

Details on obtaining your credentials can be found here: