Event Submissions

Submitting events requires the Front-End Submissions (FES) plug-in, which is included for free in the Pro Developer license but can also be purchased separately.

FES allows you to create multiple forms which front-end users can use to submit an event. Those events are then either published immediately or after an admin has approved them (depending on the settings). You can also require that users be logged-in before they can submit an event.

When creating your submission form you’ll want to add a few pre-defined fields such as:

  • Event title
  • Event start/end date/time
  • Event venue / category
  • etc …

which allow the user to set the event’s details. Additionally you can add some ‘standard’ fields:

  • Text input
  • Number input
  • Select
  • Radio & checkboxes
  • etc …

These fields allow you to assign to them a custom field (or post metadata) key. If you require that your events have additional data provided via post metadata, (for instance you want to integrate FES with another plug-in) then this is a good way of doing that.

Lastly, there are advanced fields which build upon the standard fields:

  • E-mail input
  • Anti-spam questions
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Hook
  • etc …

Again these allow you to assign to them a custom field key. The difference between these and the standard fields is that these are designed to fulfil a specific purpose (e.g. collect a valid e-mail address, ensure the user is not a bot etc.). The Hook here allows you to trigger an action at the appropriate point in the submission form.